Global AgriSystem is an agriculture consulting firm providing innovative, sustainable and result driven solutions and services to agriculture, agribusiness, and food processing sector across the value chain. Global AgriSystem has expertise in developing growth strategies, sustainable agribusiness, operational efficiency and integration of stakeholders in value chains that helps create tailor-made solutions to bridge the gap between real challenges across the supply chain.


To increase productivity and value addition
To achieve global heights by reinventing the age old practice of agriculture into commercial venture

To improve Efficiency throughout the value chain by integrated value chain management


To revitalize the Indian Agribusiness sector by
introducing Technical and Management skills of
the highest international standards.

What made us

For a long time, Indian agriculture has been dogged by low productivity and lower quality of products. The products from Indian agriculture market were not able to compete in the international market, resulting in lower demand and lesser income to the farmers. In contrast, smaller countries like Netherland progressed very well with high productivity, more exports and increased income for farmers. We felt that the problem with Indian agriculture was that it was not being run in the commercial line. Agriculture on a global scale was developing as an enterprise that needs marketing and management inputs. However, In India, this was not being provided to the farmers. Indian farmers had good knowledge about agricultural practices but lacked technological, management or financial skills. We realized that in order to increase productivity and making the farmers earn more we need to provide them with knowledge of management, technology, and financial skills. This meant that agriculture must be transformed into agribusiness.


Where’s our impact

With the vision to transform the Indian agriculture Global AgriSystem started its operations in 1998 and brought international technologies and skills to India. This helped Indian farmers and agribusinesses to become more efficient and to earn more with effective and new age agricultural practices. Today Global AgriSystem develops and execute agribusiness, food processing, infrastructure and retail distribution projects throughout the world across the agriculture sector. Empowering clients to succeed in today’s multifaceted and ever-changing markets by offering them practical solutions, modern tools, and technologies and provide continuous improvement leading to client satisfaction.
Over the years Global AgriSystem has worked with several types of clients such as:

    • Farmers
    • Traders
    • Government
    • Investors from public and private sectors


How we do it

Headquartered in New Delhi, Global AgriSystem’s clientele base spans across 10 countries with 390+ successful international projects under its belt. We promote sustainable practices through our employees, stakeholders, and clients for the well being of our society, world, and ecosystem. We also promote sustainable farming practices that are economically viable, environmentally friendly, strengthen our communities and protect the health of present and future generations. With our expertise in developing growth strategies, sustainable agribusinesses, operational efficiency, and integration of stakeholders in value chains we have created tailor-made solutions to bridge the gap between real challenges across the supply chain. Our agriculture methods and practices are based on protecting our earth’s natural resources through technology and innovation and efficiently using the land, material, and water in our overall operations. 

We focus on contributing to the growth of nutritious and healthy crops and foods, creating economic value and enhancing the standard of living and working of the farmers by providing our clients with services like:

    • Project Planning and Development
    • Project Management and Turnkey Implementation
    • Financial services and Partner Search Search
    • Modern Agriculture and Value Chain Development
    • Policy Advisory Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Organization Development and Capacity Building


Global AgriSystem is led by strong, passionate and talented leadership team and they have experience and viability to bring both global and local expertise to help our customers in the agriculture, agribusiness and food processing industries. The leadership team is chaired by Mr Gokul Patnaik who is considered to be India’s leading agri business professional with over 35 years of experience in managing agri enterprises both in the public and private sectors. Our leadership team is focussed on our client’s projects and continuous driving innovation and excellence. Our leaders are experienced in leading and managing projects in key markets and verticals across the world.

Leadership Team

Core Team


Global AgriSystem is amongst the world’s leading firms in agriculture consulting. Global AgriSystem has a large-scale global network of delivery centers and we understand the requirements of agribusiness market by market. We are able to bring together people of great talent and accomplishment into one dedicated team. A team that is passionate about agriculture.